Student affair professionals perform a varied mixture of leading, educating, individual and group advising, counseling, supervising, teaching, training, planning, program development, inquiring, managing, financial management, and assessment and evaluation.

Since the student affairs field is continuously changing and advancing, there is always something new and exciting going on. For this reason, being a student affairs professional is both fun and fulfilling. From the event planning to the student mentoring, it’s just plain fun!

Academic Services covers the areas of academic advising, tutoring, assessment, research and student support. Another branch is that of Admissions, Enrollment, Financial Aid and Orientation. … It requires a wide variety of professional in various disciplines to help guide student development as a whole.

Departments – Department and program areas typically associated with student affairs include residence life, commuter services, graduate student services, admissions, new student orientation, financial aid, counseling centers, advising centers, leadership development, Greek affairs, student activities, student unions, …