Staff & Student Affairs & Counseling

  • The Senior Student Counsellor and his staff are constantly engaged in offering counseling service and other support to students.
  • Each student will have opportunity of seeking advice and assistance from a Student Counsellor assigned to him soon after he/she enters the University.
  • It is envisaged that Counsellors will be able to get to know the student well and have sufficient time to devote to them in helping to sort out their problems.
  • The Counsellors will be consulted by the University when a student has to be dealt with on any disciplinary matter and considerable value be attached to this report.
  • The Scholarship Authorities and donors of certain other endowment  Scholarships call for regular reports from the University on the progress of Scholarship funded by them. The recommendation of the Counselor and academic staffs important in providing such report.
  • A number of selected  University Teachers who have received formal training in student counseling, as well as other, volunteer academic staff have been appointed as Student Counsellors to help students.
  • The student Counsellors have been trained to listen with understanding to the personal problems which students may like to discuss with them.
  • They will assist and guide students in solving their problems and all consultations will be kept strictly confidential.  The hours when the Student Counsellors are available for consultation will be displayed on the notice boards outside the Senior Student Counsellor’s Office.
  • Consultations with specialists who can offer professional services may, if considered necessary, be arranged.