Staff documents and employment policies

  • The employment contract

    Understanding the basic elements of a contract of employment as required by law

  • HR documents and templates

    Key human resources forms, templates, letters and policies to create an HR library for your business

  • Set up employment policies for your business

    Guidance on which policies should be put in place to meet legal requirements and to meet your business needs

  • Invest Northern Ireland Employers’ Handbook

    The Employers’ Handbook from Invest Northern Ireland outlines legal essentials and best practice guidelines for effective HR management

  • Staff records

    Legal obligations for employers when gathering, keeping and using information on workers

  • Managing employee use of social media

    How to best manage employee use of social media, including how to develop a social media policy

  • Staff security and monitoring employees

    How to ensure the safety of your staff and the rules to follow when using surveillance in the workplace

  • Workplace policies on smoking, drugs and alcohol

    Identifying and dealing with problems caused by smoking, drugs and alcohol in the workplace