Honory Apoinments

Honorary appointments The University makes honorary appointments in a range of circumstances; including Emeritus Professors appointed by Council and Honorary Degrees. Honorary appointments strengthen the University's teaching, research and professional…

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Country President

Country President In most Commonwealth and former Commonwealth nations, the chancellor is usually a ceremonial non-resident head of the IEC. In such institutions, the chief executive of a university is…

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Special Ambassador

Special Ambassador An ambassador is an official envoy, especially a high-ranking diplomat who represents a state and is usually accredited to another sovereign state or to an international organization as the resident representative of their own…

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Pace Ambassador

Pace Ambassador A Pace Service Ambassador is a School/Division representative who exemplifies the five core values identified in the I Make It Happen initiative – Accessible, Respectful, Professional, Accountable, and Proactive.

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Commissioners A Commissioner’s Certificate reduces or exempts the transferor (seller) of property from withholding on certain real estate transaction taxes. Commissioner’s Certificates are available to the seller in a property…

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