Non-Academic Establishments

Duties of the Branch

  • Recruitment of permanent, Contract, temporary staff
  • Maintaining the personal files of the non-academic staff
  • Confirmations of the permanent staff
  • Promotions
  • All matters relating to leave of the non-academic staff
  • Granting annual increments
  • Salary revisions
  • Service reports & Confidential reports
  • Providing details for Annual report/ statistics
  • Internal & External Transfers
  • Handling matters relating to Uniforms, Railway warrants, Railway season tickets of the non-academic employees
  • Extensions of service
  • Retirements, Resignations & Vacation of Post
  • Releasing terminal benefits such as Provident fund, Pension fund, E.T.F, Gratuity
  • Handling final part of Recruitments, Confirmations in their posts, Promotions, Extensions of services for the Staff of Institutes of International European Campus