The Head of Department (HoD) provides effective management and academic leadership within the department in a manner that contributes to the achievement of the University’s strategic plan and faculty plans.
Through the relevant Dean, the HoD is responsible for matters relating to the management of departmental staff, including the effective performance of their duties, and the organization of teaching, research and associated activities. The HoD is expected to regularly communicate with and respond to staff within his/her department and to be responsive to the interests and direction of the wider university.
HoDs will demonstrate vision, management skills, the ability to acquire resources and the skills to empower and influence others to contribute to getting the job done. The methods by which HoDs carry out their duties and the extent of delegation will depend on factors such as the size and nature of the department and the personal approach of the individual HoD. Whilst academic  leadership will often be shared, particularly through the support of the departmental  professoriate, the HoD is ultimately accountable for the management of the department.