Staff Doc

Staff documents and employment policies The employment contract Understanding the basic elements of a contract of employment as required by law HR documents and templates Key human resources forms, templates,…

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Lecturers Doc

University Teachers’ Resources Systems and Documents What does a further education lecturer do? IEC lecturers work in a variety of learning environments, ranging from colleges and community centers to prisons and the…

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Student Doc

Student Documents Health Certificate Every exchange and visiting student registered for the dormitory accommodation must provide the health certificate and the results of the test for COVID-19 by PCR to…

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Visa Document

Visa guidance The IEC is a unique reference number which confirms that the University has agreed to be your sponsor and provides information about you and your  Visas and Immigration…

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Higher Education

Higher Education Helping higher educational institutions of all types address strategic issues such as performance improvement, operating efficiency, cost management and reduction, growth strategy, organizational effectiveness and funding strategy.

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