Academic Establishments

The Academic Establishments Division is one of the most vital branches in the University. The main function of the Branch is to facilitate providing human resources for academic teaching and research purposes. Without a well-qualified and experienced teaching staff, the University would not be able to achieve its objectives. Therefore, the Academic Establishment Branch always makes every effort to recruit and retain such qualified staff in the teaching and research community of the University.

The Branch not only recruit Academic staff but also recruits Administrative and Academic Support Staff and manages Salary Revisions of Academic Staff, Administrative and Academic Support Staff, Private Consultancies offered to other Higher Educational Institutes, regulatory work in relation to Breach of Contracts and related Legal Action, Retirements & Resignations, Promotions and Confirmations. It also completes various tasks related to the payment of annual salary increments. The Division also takes action to grant the members of the Academic staff various types of leave they are entitled to.

The following are the documents available in the branch, in relation to its functions and could also be downloaded from the our University Website.