About Europeancampus

European Campus of Graduate and Professional


European Campus of Graduate and Professional has been registered under the companies Act of DKB / M06 / 05 (2005) in the field of Higher Education and Professional Education ..


The European Campus of Graduate and Professional in Trincomalee and Colombo is fully accredited by millennium to contacted and variety of courses including access courses leading to Higher study courses with Part Time Job from Sri Lanka to the Transference to the United Kingdom, Europe countries, American Countries and Common wealth countries.


European Campus provides HND, Degree, Master Degree and Professional Qualification for the working Experience through Free My Guide and Consultation. Millennium has inspected the facilities at the European Campus of Graduate and Professional is happy to note that Latest Technology confirming to the latest world standard in the computer intrude are used in laboratory. Whatever your age, aims and as aspiration, you will be given full supported by using the to achieve your ambition Enroll at the European Campus of Graduate and Professional and watch your horizons expend.


European Campus serves the diverse student body and university community by enhancing learning and promoting Graduate and Professional , healthy lifestyles through quality facilities, programs, and services. We promote teamwork, professionalism, enthusiasm and excellence while supporting student development through programs and opportunities that strengthen leadership skills.


European Campus is committed to being recognized as a leader on campus and in recreation within higher education across the country. We will continue to provide dynamic and diverse recreational experiences which positively engage students through learning and leadership opportunities. European Campus is dedicated to excellence in student and professional development.


UGC in Sri Lanka.
IUGC in International.
University from : Sri Lanka, India, UK, Dubai, Canada, Cambodia.
Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka.